About the National Mascot Association

The rock – or rather, the fuzz – on which the NMA stands

The mascot industry is BIG in s-o-o-o many ways!.  Big industries have safety standards and learning opportunities.

Perceiving the need for standardized safety guidelines was the genesis of the National Mascot Association, the rock – or rather, the fuzz – on which the NMA stands.

The NMA will be the knowledge trust for everything mascot. Everything we do promotes safety and the mechanics of being a mascot, branding a mascot and plotting a mascot program.

Our Safety Standards Advisors are:

  • Sports Medicine Docs specializing in orthopedics, muscle conditioning and sport related concussions.
  • Specialists in heat and hydration and the special needs of mascot performers.
  • Insurance advisers for performers and employers.
  • Seasoned, professional performers who can share their experience and personal safety measures.
  • Mascot trainers
  • Mascot employers – teams, schools, orgs and corps.
  • Mascot costume makers and designers

Mascot branding and strategy

A mascot program demands attention. The Mascot performers can’t do everything. It takes a flock, a herd, a bevy of people to have a mascot program.

The NMA is also for the:

  • ideaphoriacs who conceive the idea for the mascot
  • the mascot strategists, the people who make up the back story, the raison d’etre for the mascot brand.  The marketing & brand people
  • mascot trainers and skit savants

  • materials suppliers
  • props people
  • game ops folks
  • mascot designers
  • mascot makers

…..and the schools, teams, products, events, museums, hospitals, corporations for whom the mascots are good will ambassadors, fuzzy diplomats, and acrobatic wonders.

Face to Face and Fuzz to Fuzz

The NMA is the place, virtually and in the real, face to face or face to fuzz world. where performers can…

  • Connect with other performers,
  • Marketing pros
  • Work on performance skits
  • Get mascot training
  • Find gigs
  • Obtain/understand safety guidelines – and standard safety practices,
  • Insurance for performers and employers
  • Find props
  • Get performer certification…


We have been around the Furternity of mascots for quite some time.

We live and breathe the Fuzz.

The Prez is Jennifer Q Smith – Queen of Fuzz at AvantGarb Inc (www.avantgarb.com) – Her company has been designing and building Big Mascots, Big Costumes & Awfully Big Puppets for 30 years.

The Veep is Carlos Sosa (www.thesosagroup.com) – Ideaphoriac, strategic planner, graphic & web know-it-all

The Visioneer is Craig Pinkus (cpinkus@boselaw.com) – He has advised Avant Garb for decades.

The Sports Innovation Institute is gathering the data behind the safety guidelines.They blend academic thinking with entrepreneurial spirit to create, discover, and promote unique products, services, and game-day experiences.

We have a cadre of advisors;  sports medicine docs, sport orgs, legal savants, visioneers, designers, game ops folks, cheerleaders, event planners & sports marketing profs, props providers, suppliers, marketing peeps and a bunch of mascot people.

We believe, given the chance, mascots will bring world peace.

Let’s connect to see what we can do for each other.