About the NMA

OUR MISSION: We want to share Mascot Knowledge

The NMA is working to develop the best practices for the mascot world!
It’s all about Mascot Performers—YOU and the teams, schools, organizations and companies who rely on them! We help create and share the standards by which all mascot performers will conduct and protect themselves.
Our focus is making sure that all mascot costumes are built safely, securely, and with the ultimate in flexibility and movement!
We also focus on: character building through emotional acting, animation, crowd interaction, skit production, proper costume maintenance, improvisational skills and handling kids!

We’ve created the NMA because there are a heck of a lot of mascots, mascot performers, schools that employ mascot performers, mascot makers, companies that utilize mascots in advertising and branding, and materials suppliers that make mascot costumes safe and comfortable—and it’s hard to find all of those things—that’s why!

Now, there is one place—the NMA—where mascot performers can gather to:

  • Connect with other performers, other school reps, other marketing pros
    Work on performance skits
    Get mascot training
    Find gigs
    Obtain/understand safety guidelines – and standard safety practices,
    Get insurance
    Find props
    Get performer certification…

…In short, a Mascot Industry Super Web Directory Kinda Thingy!


We know that mascots like to go out and about and mix it up in the Big, Furry, Fuzzy, Soft, Fun Wide World.

That’s where mascot marketing comes in:
Today’s mascot needs:
  • A backstory – where did the mascot come from and why is it here?
  • A money-making program
  • ROL – Return on Loyalty for the program
  • Mascot designers and mascot making companies who will make great-looking mascots 
with important safety features integrated into the design.
  • Events for the mascot inside and outside of their own venues.
  • Certified mascot performers

Mascot costume makers will get advice on:

  • Safety standards in the mascot making shop
  • Suppliers
  • Safety standard for mascot costumes
  • Mascot trends