Everyone has a selfie with a branded, custom mascot

We all take selfies

We take selfie w/ friends and selfies with family. We also take selfies with iconic places like…

the Statue of Liberty,

…and we take selfies with branded, custom mascots.

We take selfies with people, places & things that we like. Our selfies become part of the family & friends memory. They get momentum in the the social media universe.

When we take selfies with mascots, that’s a pretty compelling form of marketing. The mascot becomes part of the the lore people share with family and friends.

Taking selfie with mascots is, indeed, a thing. It’s also one of the reasons mascots are such fabulous marketing ambassadors!

Selfies with mascots is a unique coming together of customer & brand. The mascots have become part of the family. One of the friends.


©Jennifer Smith/National Mascot Association 2017


Get Mascot Training!

Well, Somebody’s gotta show these kids how to frolic about…

Look, being a mascot performer is ohmygoodness—lotsa fun, sweaty, really hard work and a big responsibility. Sometimes mascots may seem goofy, clueless and a titch obnoxious. It’s all part of their charm.

While it may seem that mascot performance is a pretty improvisational  skill, really it takes training and planning. When you have nailed the basics, the improvisational moves will follow.

The NMA advises every performer to get performing basics. For serious mascot training, we will connect you with the real pros—the guyz who have walked the walk and perfected the wiggle inside big, fuzzy mascots. They work with performers to stay safe and avoid injuries to themselves and to others.

Our mascot trainers have worked for the pros. They have created the personality and moves for the best known mascot characters in the country.

Get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with the best!


©Jennifer Smith & Carlos Sosa 2017

Et tu, Mr Met?

Mr. Met lost his cool at the game last night. It is believed he flipped the bird. He only has 4 fingers. I like to think he was pointing at a fan, reminding the fan to watch his manners —-however, I wasn’t there.

Here at the NMA, we got 4 Google alerts about mascots – all from the New York Times. We also got a call from the Associated Press to comment on Mr. Met’s antics. There has never been a bigger mascot news day.

A mascot is the teams most ardent fan. Players & coaches come and go, but the mascot returns year after year with the same over-the-top enthusiasm. Through winning and losing, the mascot stays true, filled with love and hope, no matter what.

Mascots are also obnoxious, socially awkward and sometimes a wee bit clueless. Traits shared by all of us, only mascot do it bigger, prouder and in front hundreds, thousands, millions and they are w-a-a-ay more animated.

Like all great athletes, mascot are at their best when performing in the here and now. Like us, they may get carried away in the moment.

In their joyous obnoxiousness, mascot sometimes show us our foibles and weaknesses.

However, when a mascot shows up you know you’re going to have fun. That is an essential truth.

©Jennifer Smith 2017
National Mascot Association


On Wednesday night, Mr. Met joined a list of mascots who have gone rogue.
 Et Tu,