We can’t do all of this on our own. We need partners on the journey. Partners will reap rewards by being aligned with mascots and the National Mascot Association.

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Here’s the rundown

Mascots are everywhere.

They represent teams, schools, organizations, products and events. They fill theme parks, have their own mascot games and are on tv, movies and stages.

Mascots are a big. Big industries have safety standards and learning opportunities.

The Fuzz on which we stand…

Perceiving the need for standardized safety guidelines was the genesis of the National Mascot Association, the rock – or rather, the fuzz – on which the NMA stands.

The 1st Annual National Mascot Association Convention

The industry is BIG in s-o-o-o many ways! 2018 is the year mascot people will get together to learn, share and —-well, get to know each other.

To that end, The National Mascot Association is hosting a Mascot Convention.

The mascot world, which is so much more than the mascots, will gather in Indianapolis

Where? IUPUI Campus Hosts: Jazzy, Jinx & Jawz Jaguars

When? November 28-29 2018


Mascots bring an ardent, loyal following with them. Mascots are likely connected to consumers you you are targeting.

Mascots maintain tremendous fan loyalty.

• In sports, coaches and players come and go, but the mascot remains true blue.

  • When you start thinking about mascots, you begin to see, those that successfully market with mascots are beloved by many.
  • Mascots arrive with a large real and virtual following.

    Partners have access to a very loyal group of fans and product consumer. As a sponsor you will be able to reach out to your target audience because you all have something in common – love of mascots and concern for their safety.

Mascots have a whole cadre of people attached to the success of the mascot characters including:

  • Fans & product enthusiasts
  • branding, marketing and community relations people
  • sports doctors, muscle conditioning & physical therapists
  • mascot trainers
  • Insurance advisors
  • athletic directors, game ops and fan experience people
  • cheer squads
  • mascot makers and mascot designers
  • product suppliers – you have to know where to get the fur, fuzz and foam

This is the 1st mascot convention. As founding partners, you will be able to have impact on the sponsorship opportunities in the coming years, as well.

All opportunities are open.

  • Title Sponsor
  • Basketball game sponsorship – IUPUI vs. Bradley U. onNovember 28th. The convention attenders will be there some of them in their mascot costumes. Right now we’re calling it “Mascot Mania.”
  • Bus sponsorship – the mascots gotta get to the game somehow!
  • Online promotions,
  • Sponsored social media
  • The NMA will have it’s own mascot. Fuzzy Fab. The mascotneeds a sponsor
  • Planned regional gatherings
  • Keynote luncheon sponsor • Keynote speaker sponsor • Speaker sponsors
  • Future events,
  • Planned regional gatherings • Website recognition
  • or parts of it like a column or blog, • ….and more

Who we are

We have been around the Furternity of mascots for quite some time.

We live and breathe the Fuzz.
The Prez is Jennifer Q Smith – Queen of Fuzz at AvantGarb Inc (www.avantgarb.com) –

Her company has been designing and building mascots for 30 years.

The Veep is Carlos Sosa (www.thesosagroup.com) – Ideaphoriac, strategic planner, graphic & web know-it-all

The Visioneer is Craig Pinkus (cpinkus@boselaw.com) – He has advised Avant Garb for decades.

We have a cadre of advisors; sports medicine docs, sport orgs, legal savants, visioneers, designers, game ops folks, cheerleaders, event plannes & sports marketing profs, props providers, suppliers, marketing peeps a bunch of mascot people.

We believe, given the chance, mascots will bring world peace.

Let’s connect to see what we can do for each other.