About NMA

We are creating the safety standards for all things mascot.

When mascot first came onto the scene, there were no rules. The instructions were the “go out and have some fun”.  It’s great advice, but there is so-o-o-o much more. 

All fun has a serious side. We, at the National Mascot Association are compiling the standards for the mascot industry – We’re some pretty important questions like:

    • Who takes care of the perfomer if the perfomer is injured?
    • Is there adequate insurance for the mascot should the mascot get injured?
    • Can the perfomer or the employer purchase short term insurance for single event or seasonal employment?
    • How many handlers does the mascot perfomer need?
    • Mascot performance is acting, miming, gymnastics, acrobatics and athletics.
      • Where do performers go to get mascot training?
    • Are the costume designed and built with the safety of the performer in mind?

We’re here to look closely at the serious stuff.

The Furternity – Who We Are

We have been around the Furternity of mascots for quite some time.

We live and breathe the Fuzz.

The Prez is Jennifer Q Smith. She’s also Queen of Fuzz at Avant Garb Mascots where a talented team of mascot makers design & build multitudes of mascots.

The Visioneer is Craig Pinkus (cpinkus@boselaw.com) – He has advised Avant Garb Mascots for decades.

We have a cadre of advisors;  sports medicine docs, sport orgs, legal savants, visioneers, designers, game ops folks, cheerleaders, event planners & sports marketing profs, props providers, suppliers, marketing peeps  and a varied mix of mascot people.

We believe, given the chance, mascots will bring world peace.

We already know mascots bring joy to the world!

Advice? Thoughts? Ideas? Grouses?

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