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We’d love to discuss our plans with you: We invite you to comment and criticize.

Our goal is to develop a site, supplemental materials, and events that present best practices guidelines that will support the mascot industry.

We plan to have the second phase up and running by the beginning of 2017.

Look for these and more features:

  • Compliance surveys and other serious legal stuff
  • Performance Tips
  • Marketing integration Discussions
  • Mascot stories (Case studies and more warm and fuzzy stuff)
  • Accessible membership and Resource directories
  • Sponsorship opportunites
  • Vendor listings

Thanks for Your Interest!

Read about it! Then go there! The Mascot Hall of Fame!

by Edward McClelland,

The Mascot Hall of Fame, which opened the day after Christmas in the industrial village of Whiting, Indiana, is a surreal sight both outside and in. The hall is located just north of an oil refinery spewing flames from its chimneys and just south of some railroad tracks occupied by boxcars blocking the view of Lake Michigan. On a late December day, it’s the only splash of color in a gray vista of lake-effect clouds and refinery smoke. Just outside the front doors, Mr. Met fields a baseball atop a red conversion van labeled Mascot University, and the Phillie Phanatic flashes the victory sign beside a park bench.

The Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana.

Inside the front doors, the inflated heads of Hall of Fame inductees dangle from the ceiling, like decapitated Thanksgiving floats. There’s Sluggerrr, the Kansas City Royals’ lion with the sea monkey head; Ohio State’s Brutus Buckeye, the only edible, non-sentient member of the hall; and Benny the Bull, of the hometown basketball team (in Northwest Indiana’s Calumet Region, sports loyalties are attached to nearby Chicago, not Indianapolis).

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